Monday, September 1, 2008

Spicy! eXtreme!

So checkiddout... yesterday I bought Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation eXtreme lip gloss. I bought the "Sheer Bare" colour, but it came with an extra tube of clear stuff as well. "Intense formula supersizes lips for hours!" claims the package... apparently I will "see lip boosting results without professional treatments"; "the biggest, sexiest lips possible without the time and expense of a doctor's visit".

They actually refer to it as a "spicy" gloss... with cinnamon extract.

So, with eXtreme, spicy lips just an application away... I figured, why not document my miraculous transformation on the blog!?... let's begin!

Here's my "before" shot! Look at my eyes. They're all lopsided. I wonder if there is some sort of "eye" fixer... even an "eye remover" (right, Em?) that can fix my mangled face without the time or expense of a doctor's visit? *sigh* Screwed-up face aside, let's look at my disappointing mouth: thin. Shrivelled. Definitely in need of something spicy! Something eXtreme! So then I put on the gloss...
WOW. I look like Angelina Jolie, non? LOOK AT THE GIANT DIFFERENCE THIS EIGHT DOLLAR PRODUCT HAS BROUGHT TO THE TABLE/MY FACE. Definitely the "plump, voluptuous lips you've always dreamed of", eh? You can see that the "Hydro-Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid micro-spheres" have done their spicy, plumping work! I *finally* have eXtreme lips, as promised. The stuff kind of burns, very midly, and tastes like cinnamon plastic.
Here's the magic wand/tube! Cheers, Sally Hansen. Cheers to the eXtreme!


way_away said...

Thanks for the documentation on this product. I really feel I went through the whole experience with you!

They look shinier... And I guess they burn, which is something.

I could punch you in the face, that could also voluptuously increase the volume of your lips. Lemme know :P hehehe!

way_away said...

If you didn't guess: totally kidding on the punching thing.... Eeeep!

way_away said...

Oh actually: I wasn't kidding. I can't wait until you get back to Toronto so I can basically punch you in the face. And then go to Red Lobster.