Thursday, September 11, 2008

The light lyncher

I'm finding being home difficult - not only because it hasn't been my home for four months, but when we moved in here, we had tour 2 weeks later. So I find I'm feeling a sense of urgency all the time, like I have to be ready to go somewhere. It's very nice and BRISK out tonight so me and Jim had some tea on the back porch. He hung up the lights to make it festive.
Damn, I got to get focused. I do have things to do, but I feel like a zombie.


way_away said...

HOW do you end up saving so many damn square feet of rainforest!? Every time I check your blog it's higher!

The lights look great: also seems like you guys got some new patio furniture?

You have time to get focused. :) No worries!

la dilettante said...

my lights...:(