Monday, September 8, 2008

The Wall of Barrettes

In morose celebration of my second-last day on this trip to LA, me and Lance went out for lunch and for a little walk around the neighborhood he lives in. Well - the commercial area with the shops which is about a 5 minute drive from his house. Here's a colour picture of my new haircut - the black and white one from a few days ago didn't do it justice.
We went to a small Mexican place called Maracas Sombrero (not really). It was one of those "real" Mexican places that are all over the place here. So real that the waitress didn't speak English. I ordered tacos and Lance got some vegetarian egg-cheese-rice thing that looked waaay better than my stupid onion-covered tacos.
Then we went for a walk. I got close to that dress shop with the fancy Disney dresses in the window and took more pictures of their ridiculousness. It sucks that there's so much glare in the glass, but it's worth it if you squint. The clothes are absurd.

Look at the Cuban gangster style on the left here:
Then there was the calm, armless mannequin boy, strung upright by a red bandanna:
And, of course, the wall of barrettes:
That's all for today. I completed another hat, but I'm too lazy to take a picture of it right now. I'm going to watch some documentaries tonight. If you haven't watched "Nazi Pop Twins", please do so - it's about Prussian Blue, the blonde blue eyed twin sister music duo who are white supremacists. Oh yeah, and they're 14 - their Mum is INSANE. But watch "Louis and the Nazis" first for a glimpse of Lynx and Lamb when they're 11 and even more creepy, playing at skinhead rallies. Both available on Google Video!


way_away said...

Are you back TOMORROW?! I'm so confuzzllleeedddddd...

In any case: cute hair! It looks AWESOME and LIGHT on you! Also very cute barrette.

I kinda love that pink corsetted gown and I kinda want it.


la dilettante said...

LOVE the haircut! Yay!

Also when I was little I totally had a selection of Disney princess imitation dresses...I'm also eerily drawn to these grown up ones against my will...but I think you also need to see this tho: