Friday, September 19, 2008

Sing: Fab-ric-land... FABRICLAND

Emily and I ventured to Yonge and Bloor this evening for cheeseburgers, tea and cloth shopping. Emily wanted to pick out a few patterns and then some fabric. She's all into sewing which is really interesting and probably too complex for my peanut brain. I was very impressed by Fabricland (FabricLand?). Some of its wares were downright fit for a king!

I'm not even kidding. They sell SCEPTRES there. Actual scepters!....
If you were king, which scepter would suit your ruling style? I'm going with the bronze lantern-vibed ones on the right.

Oddly enough they also sell tons of fabric. Here's me, checking my colours. I think I'm a summer! (Weirdly, I think I actually am. After years of wearing blue-toned red lipstick - a la winter - I have found a lipstick which suits me better than any others have, and it's an orange-toned red. A la summer. Confusing, non?)
But I digress. Anyways, at Fabricland (FabricLand), there are a few obstacles to keep in mind. One being that if you need to use your patterns as a sort of map. I learned this by watching Emily closely.....If you don't use this map, you could get lost. There was one terrifying moment when it seemed like Emily didn't know where we were!....

But lucky for us, it wasn't the case. Emily shortly found a very nice plaid to make her dress out of...
... and you have to carry it around the store until you get your desired amount cut. What is this called? A sheaf of fabric? A bustle of fabric? A crepe? A billot log? Regardless, here's me, holding it, looking very Braveheart-esque, wouldn't you say?
At this point the slag working there told us that taking pictures in the store is not allowed. Which, I mean, makes perfect sense. You don't want people coming in and documenting all of FabricLand's secrets. Who knows what sinful purpose we could have? What illicit use could come from photographs of the sheafs? Idiots. So we got what she needed and then went for a stroll through Yorkville, where we found the fancy suicide mannequin...

And then had cider, pumpkin latte, and peppermint tea at Starbucks. Hurrah! Emily flies to New York at 6:30 AM. I will, blessedly, be asleep at that ungodly hour.


candace & nux said...

ahahah! i love that you actual write what goes through my head every time i hear "fabricland". i always wondered who came up with that theme song, and imagined the person instructing the vocalist. " okay, now sing it once reeeeeeally drawn out, and THEN sing it as fast as you can. so fast, in fact, that it sounds awkward. no no no!! faster!!

i also had something called a pumpkin patch latte at a cafe in barrie. it wasnt starbucks, but it was pretty damn good.

way_away said...

I love how our Friday evenings involve cheesburgers, tea, and crafts. YEAH! :)

I want the onion topped scepter. Since you don't like onions I'd never have to worry about you storming my kingdom.

Actually I think it's called a BOLT of fabric. Kind of like a bolt of lightening only slightly less electric.

Suicide mannequins = creepy. And bad for business, hehe.