Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another hat - love it or LEAF it! HAW!

So today I learned how to make crochet leaves! :D

Well, I'm excited about it. I made another hat, out of really soft red yarn - it's pretty. This isn't the best shot of it. It looks like it has weird holes in it, which it doesn't. It's just the angle. But I wanted to showcase the LEAVES! I took my time sewing them on, because I really wanted this to come out nice. Usually I just sort of whip things together at this stage because I'm at the point where I want it to be over with. But here it is:

And I figured I'd post a good, clear picture of my new haircut.
Tres belle, non?


candace & nux said...

i really love those hats. it looks so incredibly hard to do, i have no idea how you just whip them out like that.
and im digging the hair, it suits you. well, except in your high school photo, maybe it just isnt suited for black/white photoshoots.

and yes, you inspired me to start one of these things. ive been wanting to start for awhile, but i got lazy, and didnt think id post enough.

candace & nux said...

oh and its candace. i forgot we have a shared account, ha!

Anonymous said...

You're so gut-achingly hot, my princess!!! i knew feeding you cupcake ice cream would do your little pretty face justice!!!!