Thursday, September 18, 2008

The House at 1147

Old brick house with curtains drawn,
Three sunflowers on the lawn.
They say the flowers grew around
Three bodies buried in that ground.
If you walk by this house at night,
They say you'll hear the screams of fright
Of ghosts interred here long ago,
Flowers high and death below.


candace & nux said...

weird. my comment just disappeared after i posted it.

anyways i just wondered if they had children living in the attic, and noticed that it doesnt look like many people use the walkway on the left?

where is this house?
do you have some "Burb"-ish neightbours?

way_away said...

I love the poetry... I love that I took a long, LONG look at this picture after reading your post. Your posted created a WHOLE NEW ATMOSPHERE around this relatively neutral looking home. VERY cool.

I personally don't want to walk by there at night, no thanks...