Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Race against the cloche

Today I finished the last square for my autumn afghan, which left me at a bit of a loss. I've really enjoyed crocheting those squares, and I wanted to keep working on something. So I looked in Lance's yarn stash and found some nice acrylic black, and since I had burgundy left over from the afghan I figured... why not make a CLOCHE? :D

I didn't follow a specific pattern, but this was definitely inspired by the many, many cloches with flowers on the side that exist. I did it all in half-double crochet, and the flower is the first 4 rounds from one of the squares from the afghan. It probably took me about two or three hours to make, so now naturally I am all thinking that I will probably make a ton of them in different colours, with different stitches, with a larger hook, with a different flower, etc, etc. It was a great little project!
Too bad my head looks like a hard-boiled egg. This hat looks WAY cuter in real life. Somehow these photos make it look cheap and lousy :(

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way_away said...

Are you KIDDING? This hat is VERY CUTE, definitely NOT cheap and lousy! I WANT ONE. MAKE ME ONE.

It's hilarious how far you've come with the crochet. You're speaking of half-double crochet, etc., and I'm all LOST. And you MADE UP THE PATTERN? And it only took you a couple of hours?

Make me one. Seriously. Whatever colour you like!!!!