Saturday, September 20, 2008

The most blah of the useless days.

Today was one of those days where you do nothing and then you feel like crap about it. I wanted to crochet and write and clean and instead I talked on the phone, lay in bed, and dinked around on the internet doing absolutely NOTHING. I'm extremely frustrated with myself. Lance showed me a game online called "Fantastic Contraption", which I played for a while. Failure came pretty quickly. It is extremely fun and interesting.

Please check out this link to see one of my Fantastic Contraptions at work. The goal is to get the pink circle into the pink box. Watch my amazingness.

Now I feel like ZZZZ and I don't understand how it's possible, considering the amount of energy I invested. UGH.

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way_away said...

What are you talking about "doing nothing"?! You solved COMPLEX PHYSICS PROBLEMS! You gave your brain an extreme work out!!

Sounds pretty productive and exhausting to me... And I'd know. I've tried that damn game and it's damn challenging!