Monday, September 15, 2008

Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookies

This is going to be Entry 1 in the "Sara and Emily's Autumn Baking Series". I'm totally kidding - about the series, not the baking. Tonight we decided to make pumpkin butterscotch cookies. Here are the ingredients.
But first, we made spaghetti. Because you can't eat cookies on an empty stomach, yeah?
Apparently the "fridge throw" is common knowledge. Throw the noodle against the fridge. If it sticks, they're done. I, for one, did not know this.
So after we ate, it was time to get crackin' on the cookies.

It was kind of exciting to add the butterscotch chips and the walnuts.
And exciting even more to put them in the oven!
They came out very good. Quite autumnal.
Even Kisou liked them! This is the most exciting picture of all.


way_away said...

Don't be kidding about the series. HELLS. Let's make it happen. Pecan pie! Caramel squares! Apple crumble with more crumble!

We'll also have to try the fridge throw with rigatoni: THAT I've never tried, though I suspect it would work...

The cookies are AWESOME. Very autumnal indeed! Chibi liked them too!

la dilettante said...

best blog post ever! i love it! i can even see my postcard on the fridge - awww. where's the new roomie anyway? when i come back can i come over and make cookies too? love and kisses to the kitties!

candace & nux said...

those cookies look wonderful, i LOVE pumpkin anything. i also completely agree witht he not baking on an empty stomach thing. you end up picking at and eating the dough until youre so sick of it, and your tummy hurts by the time theyre ready.

i also had no idea about the pasta noodle/fridge thing. ive been timing it for 9 minutes like a sucker all these years.