Thursday, September 4, 2008

weird scene, pancakes, and you'll never guess.

Lance got home from work and we were starving, so we decided to go out for dinner - a rare treat in these dark financial times. It's always a bit worrisome, spending money. But you know what's even more worrying? This scene we encountered...
I couldn't figure out the hows or the whys. Two small plastic kid cars. One for a boy, one for a girl. One of them strung up to a telephone pole. Both abandoned. Why? Did an adult do this, as a warning to the neighborhood children? Did the children do it? How would a child sling a rope that high and why would they abandon both vehicles? Is this a statement against women? This is what happens when girls try to ride their Big Wheels with the Big Boys? An eerie scene.
Anyways we went on to dinner and my favourite pancake house...
Where I got the country fried steak with broccoli and hash browns (that white gravy is LOVE), and Lance got the spinach omelet and pancakes. I didn't actually get pancakes, which may defeat the purpose of going to iHop, but who cares?
Yeah, and I made more hats. Lance thought he'd be helpful and model them this time. He's actually wearing lipstick in these pictures, but you can't tell. He put the lid back on the lipstick without winding it down, so it got a bit crushed. Bless his heart, right?

Anyways this one is navy with a slightly rolled brim:
And this one has a 3-leveled multicoloured purple flower on it.

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way_away said...

Those plastic cars are BIZZARE. Kids are weird.

That food looks AWESOME. There is so much of it! I'd like to go back to an iHop at some point: I recall it being DELICIOUS. It clearly isn't INTERNATIONAL enough or there would be one in Canada. Hrmph.

Lance is quite the model, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! When do I get to model one (that I can steal and HAVE FOR MY OWN)? He's totally ALL BUSINESS in these photos. Bless his heart!!!! HAHA!