Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bunions and Bubbles

This website is being a stupid piece of crap and continually uploaded one of my pictures flipped vertically. I even went back to the picture on my computer and flipped it myself, hoping that this website would flip it the correct way, but somehow it knew and screwed me over again. And it didn't bother with the other picture. Idiot!

Anyways, the whole point of tonight's post is to say that when you get home from being away for so long there are things that you own that you've forgotten about that can make you really happy to see them again. Here are two of those things:

My shiny red shoes.... notice how the freaking picture is flipped wrong. Thanks, blogger, you asshole.
...and my Lush Snow Fairy body wash. This is the best smelling stuff in the universe, even though Emily detects a "rotted fruit" smell to it. To me, it smells like candy fuzzes. Snow Fairy only comes around once a year. I love Lush.
Can you tell nothing interesting happened today? I've resorted to taking pictures of bath supplies and footwear.


candace & nux said...

last week, when i took a bath, (haha, i assure you ive showered since) it took me forever to decide between the sexbomb and tutti frutti bathbombs that Lush makes. i had completely forgot i had them. i LOVE that place.
a couple of my friends are addicted to the Karma soap, and i think its my favorite as well, though ive never tried that fairy business.

those shoes were an awesome find! especially when they were only hidden in your own house!!

way_away said...

HAHAAA! Blogspot totally did screw you over with respect to pictures in the post. I wonder what the problem was?

Those shiny red shoes are AWESOME. So CUTE! I should travel more: when I come home I'd totally feel like I had a new wardrobe and I'd love that!

There is TOTALLY a rotten fruit smell to that. It's a great overtone but there is something in the undertone that just reeks like rotten mango and strawberries. You've just been away from it too long and at some point you'll be showering and get a whiff of it. Just wait :P!!!