Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sleep, sleep in your Nova Heart

Yeah! Tonight was great. Last minute, Candace mentioned that the Spoons were playing at the Velvet Underground. What self-respecting person who grew up in the 80s (in Ontario, anyway) could say no? We had quite a nice group together. First, though, I went for pad thai at Java with Jim, Rainbow and Emily - and got to meet Justin, Emily's friend who also blogs on here. Which was nice, cause it's always nice to meet another person who understands that daily panic of having to find something, take a picture, upload it, and then feel guilty if you're off by one minute or miss a day.
The concert was great - highlights being when they played "Romantic Traffic" and the whole crowd was singing along. One of those hair-raising, sentimental-tears-a-pricklin' type of vibes. It was really awesome.
I got to meet Sandy Horne after the show, the Spoons' bassist. She was so damn awesome. The woman can play. Gone are the flowing gowns and funky nail polish of the 80s, but she was seriously impressive.
They played "Nova Heart" to close the set. It was so good. I love that song so much. It was a great night. I'm totally tired now though.


way_away said...

AWESOME show. Great group, great crowd, great band, great night. I love when the stars align for something fun like that to happen.

I seriously debating video taping (via my camera) the crowd sing-a-long for Romantic Traffic, but I didn't want that to detract from the actual experience of singing. AWESOME, I tell ya!

I'm jealous you met Sandy Horne! She totally, TOTALLY rocks. Whatta bassist!

Highlights: Romantic Traffic and Old Emotions. *sigh*!! SO GOOD.

Justin said...

It was a lot of fun and nice to meet you. We can stress out together, in our own worlds, about blogging. I did some three days! Oops!

candace & nux said...

"magic carpet" *shakes head* who knew?
oh wait, everyone but me knew.
it was so much fun, im glad you guys all came out, hopefully your feet recovered well.

i still cant understand what drives a person to chew a wad of napkin though. i suppose its less aspartame than gum?

apologies for settin' the tornado free on the floor, fortunately she made it home without vomiting.

also i feel like a total ass, because i forgot to tell you that your hair is most definitely the fiercest of them all. i really REALLY like it that length on you. it compliments your pantyhose shirt, which is also a bonus.

Highlight: the german homeless man out front.

Lowlight: Chief Tooter McStink in the front row.