Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fencing caps

It is always hot and sunny here in LA. Like... always. Never a cloud in the sky. EVER. I have been here for two months and it has not rained once. THERE HAS NOT EVEN BEEN A CLOUDY DAY. It is very hot. All the time. Paradise, I suppose.

If you like that sort of thing.

Anyways, here's a picture at the bottom of the hill in front of Lance's house. I like the pretty pink flowers. They, apparently, love the heat. There are pink flowers everywhere here. Flowering trees, cacti, and tarantulas on mountains.
And, as I predicted, I made some more cloches. I got fancy with this little gray number down here. Double and triple crochet, wool instead of acrylic so it's all soft, and the flower is lower down this time - as well as being a different flower pattern from the one I used yesterday,
I know I'm wearing the same shirt as I was yesterday but it was taken today. I'm just lazy. Here's the last one for now. All double crochet. Cute times.

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way_away said...

I do remember the pink flowers. It seems strange that they flower all year round!

Yes, it's PARADISE, I suppose. Though it's true: I'm not sure I like that kinda thing.

LAZY? I think not! You pumped out 3 more adorable cloches in 24 hours. I love them. Which one is for me? ;D