Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slicing, Switchblades, Sweaters, and Dad

My parents came to visit, and we went for lunch and then to the World's Biggest Bookstore. On the second floor I was pleased so see that they had rearranged their sections, and happily, they have placed my two favourite sections directly beside each other:
... which is somewhat of a weird choice, but I'm not going to complain, because that is my fantasyland bookstore come to life. Huzzah!
Here's Dad:
Mum didn't want to be photographed. In other news it is pouring rain and so windy outside that our patio furniture blew across the yard. Apparently we're experiencing fallout from Hurricane Ike. Good to know. It's pretty crazy outside.


way_away said...

You could spend all your time in that section, I have no doubt. Tack on the humour or kids books section on the left of the TRUE CRIME section and I think you'd have the oddest bookstore layout EVER.

Hehehe I love that picture of Dad. I have NO IDEA what the context was but it is offically AWESOME, hehehe.

candace & nux said...

all i can picture is some woman knitting in her rocking chair, while plotting her husband's death, haha.

that picture of your dad is awesome. he looks so animated.