Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From LAX to YYZ in eight sweaty hours

Goodbye, baby...
... hello baby!

I'm home, hurrah.


la dilettante said...

welcome home! it must be really nice to see kisou again! and your sister too :) you'll get used to the's just a matter of time ;) is the fridge fixed? i still think of the house as my home. hopefully i'll be seeing you guys in the new year - make europe happen ok!? any plans for pre-oz? are you gonna work on new songs? if you'd rather not think about that yet, ignore that - i'll understand - no worries :)

way_away said...


Canada is happy to have you back. We missed you. :)!!!!

candace & nux said...

i miss her,but im sure you missed her more :)

thats a really good picture of Lance, im sure its not easy being away from such a fine looking fellow for awhile :), but id guess it wont be too long until you see him again?