Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Mysterious Orange Replacement

Other times I have visited LA, in the backyard there was a cat named Orange. He belonged to the neighbors, and was really friendly. Oddly, on this visit, Orange isn't here anymore... but there is another cat, whom me and Lance have named Peach. She is just as friendly as Orange, and also belongs to a neighbor, but it's kind of weird that Orange is gone without a trace and has been fully replaced by a new cat. They even look similar, except that Peach is a lighter colour than Orange was. Here are pictures of Peach. I fear it may be too late to get any photos of Orange, so thorough is his disappearance.

Orange... where did you go?

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way_away said...

There is something odd about that: Orange has been replaced by Peach!

Maybe Peach is some descendant of Orange? It sounds like they have similar dispositions. And colours.

Maybe Orange was NEVER there, and it was always Peach and you guys are crazy... However I'm pretty sure that I met Orange when I visited. Very friendly cat. Cute too! Hopefully Orange didn't get peeled. :(

Peach is pretty cute tho... Those eyes! Wow!