Saturday, August 30, 2008

What occasion could this be for?

Well, now we know where the Disney Princesses shop and get all their custom multi-crinolined, ridiculous ball gowns. Did you notice that each Disney Princess has their own trademark colour? Pink being Sleeping Beauty, blue for Cinderella, yellow for Belle. You can buy little versions of all the Princess dresses for little girls. I have often wondered if there is a child-sized version of Pocahontas' costume, and if so, do Native Americans find it offensive? It is stereotypical, with the buckskin fringe, feathers and wampum. I would think that even Jasmine's "Arabian harem" look could be offensive to some people, and inappropriate for a little girl to wear. It's like little kids doing a tap-dance routine to Lady Marmalade, dressed like prostitutes.


way_away said...

I kinda want that pink dress.

HAHAAA - Pocahontas` costume! And you do bring up an EXCELLENT point: WOULD they find that offensive?

Disney really knows how to market things tho: to attach a pretty colour to a character and the kids come running. That's some excellent branding right there. SMART. The Disney Princesses are kinda lame though - well they are now. I wonder if I'd be all into them if I was a kid again? We didn't really fall for any of that stuff, except for Belle. 'Coz she was awesome.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with prepubescent wannabe prostitutes?