Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sad doggie and Echo Phone

As promised, here is my picture from yesterday of Lance descending Echo Mountain. I think this is a great picture. :)
Here is a photo from today of Marie. Marie is Lance's roommate's dog. She's really sweet and well-behaved. Half the time you don't even know if she's here, because she's so quiet. This week, Lance's roommate isn't home, she's gone to Burning Man. Marie misses her mama. She doesn't eat very much and she lays on her little pillow because she's sad.

To cap things off, here's my video, also from yesterday, of me using the Echo Phone on top of Echo Mountain at the White City. It's kind of difficult to hear the echo in this video, so make sure your volume is up or use earphones or something.

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way_away said...

You can TOTALLY hear the echo: "Hello -oo-oo-oo". That thing looks AWESOME. I didn't even know such things existed until your post yesterday! I guess we don't have a need for them in Southern Ontario. :P

That picture of Lance is awesome. The hazy hills... the colours of the sunset.. the dust underfoot... It looks really peaceful.

So, Lance's roommate went to BURNING MAN? What the HELL does that mean?

Cute dog though. =)

Also nice use of a picture taken today as well as the integration of the pics from yesterday... I like this idea!