Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today was a good day. Do you know why? Sophie Jane, that's why!
Do you see the ruffled white socks? She's in amazing condition too. Not dirty at all... almost brand new. Her yarn hair has a bit of fuzzing and that's all. She is the gorgeous one. Much cuter than she looks in the picture. Sophie Jaaaaaaaaane!

I also got a kokeshi mailed to me from Japan! Today = success!


way_away said...

YAY is right!

I can't wait to meet her... She looks REALLY cute and REALLY friendly. I love the little ruffled socks.

You totally found eachother :)... Next: Edward!

candace & nux said...

wow, that doll looks MUCH better than mine did when i got rid of it a few years ago. "Naomi" was her name, and she had the grubbiest face from years of makeup, a patch of fabric holding a hole in her chest, and chunks of hair missing on her forehead, haha.

Anonymous said...

This is a big step for you from Gangle. Gangle's kind of an independent little feller, likes adventure, and loves to go on his own and discover the world; but Sophie Jane needs alot of TLC and supervision. Anyway, I'm glad you both are happy together. Now stop lurking on Ebay!