Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Very Real Horror. I'm Serious

Okay, this post is going to be INCREDIBLE. But first I have to post the requisite "BREKKY WITH MICHAEL" picture. Can you tell that even HE is sick of me taking these pictures?
Okay. So. Get ready because this really scared the hell out of me. I was going to take a shower. My bedroom light wasn't on when I grabbed my towel from my room, and neither was the bathroom light. So the hallway and the bathroom were only illuminated by faint light from the living room. YOU HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND HOW DIM IT WAS. I went from my bedroom and this is what I saw in the bathroom:
Do you get the gist of what this looks like? Let me put it in a creepier light. I seriously froze in my tracks. I thought it might have been Jim, but I knew he was in the living room, and he also isn't (what looked like) a little man in a suit jacket standing beneath the towel rack against the wall.
Brrr! Ugh, seriously. I called Jim over to see it and he was totally creeped out too.
Of course, it was just the towel. But my stomach lurched with fear.

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candace & nux said...

that IS really creepy.
did you throw things at it like a dumbass first, to see if it was alive?
i only ask because i have, and then wondered what the hell kind of defense that is. like if he decided "oh shit, she sees me, now im going to pounce at her...", what would the next plan be?
dumb. ass.